Number of Sites

  • Discuss ideas
  • Try to come to a concensus

IA Types


Indiana University - Bloomington
  • clearly defined audiences
  • many of the tasks/items are common across groups
  • too many options are overwhelming and makes the pages too long

Oregon State University
  • default landing page is the undergraduate page with hours
  • specific small list of links for each group
  • common tasks and information on the left hand side

Audience Based Questions

  • What are the audiences for the site? (list)
  • What tasks do each group need to do that are unique?
  • What tasks or info overlap between groups?


SUNY- Buffalo
  • clear, basic headings ('find materials', 'get help', and 'ask a librarian')
  • quick links section
  • reasonable footprint

Task Based Questions

  • what are the most common tasks?
  • what are vital tasks?
  • where do other things go?


Iowa State
  • generally a mixture of whatever links or categories the library deems important
  • somewhat unclear
  • alphabetical

Cowles Program Structure
  • Knowledge base
  • Learning/Instruction
  • Cultural/Discourse

Hierarchy Based Questions

  • Do you have a unique structure that will be more useful to your students than audience or task?
  • What sorts of resources feet within each category?
  • How do these categories tie into mission, intent and pedagogy/instruction?

Search Boxes


  • Discuss which approach would work best for us
  • considering approach, generate basic criteria and objectives for sites.

For the Next Meeting (discuss)