Tasks, Workflows and Functionality

Ask a Librarian

Objective: Facilitate direct patron interaction with Library professionals.
  • Information on how to contact or interact with a librarian, or the means through which to interact with them.
Examples: Chat, Text, Email, Phone, In Person, Reference Desk Hours, Chat Hours

About Us

Objective: Provide basic information about the library hours of operation, physical plant, location, and other information to assist all users who want to access the library in physical space for RSL.
  • Inform patrons how to access physical resources and when they are available.
  • Clearly show where all resources exist.
Examples: Library Hours/ Café Hours, Location (how to get to us), Library Maps, Brief Description, Staff Listing.

(no-one seems to do this well)


Objective: Providing access to resources that support RSL.
  • Should allow a user to obtain a resource whether an actual article/book or as a means to request access to that item.
  • Resource access will be supplemented with tutorials, finding aids, and tools delivered in context, which assist in locating, evaluating and effectively using these resources and in developing information literacy skills.
  • There will be multiple ways to find a database (search, type, alphabetical).
Examples: Catalog, Article Databases, Journal List, SuperSearch, Research Guides, ILL, Reserves, Digital Collections (heritage etc.).

  1. Databases
  2. Journals
  3. Catalog