Objective: Providing access to resources that support RSL.
  • Should allow a user to obtain a resource whether an actual article/book or as a means to request access to that item.
  • Resource access will be supplemented with tutorials, finding aids, and tools delivered in context, which assist in locating, evaluating and effectively using these resources and in developing information literacy skills.
  • There will be multiple ways to find a database (search, type, alphabetical).
Examples: Catalog, Article Databases, Journal List, SuperSearch, Research Guides, ILL, Reserves, Digital Collections (heritage etc.).


What tasks do we expect of users in this section?
How many different ways of doing this are there?
How might workflows very dependent upon audience and experience?

  • finding a database
  • choosing which search to use
  • finding journal articles
  • using advanced search strategies
  • citing a reference