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All Sites


  • Site will be ADA compliant and will be designed with accessibility and user interaction in mind
  • Use clear, simple action words at every opportunity, throughout the site
  • Attempt to avoid library specific terms or terms that have a special connotation in a library setting
  • If you must use a library specific term, it must be defined on the page (preceding words to clarify i.e. 'article database' and/or some form of "hover" clarification )


  • Sites will be part of an identity system (unified look and feel covering color, image and logo use, spacing etc. ) to be determined by the web developer.


  • There are 4 types of events
    • Speakers, physical gatherings/events, or displays at the library (RSL home page and others)
    • Database access down or limited (does not display on RSL home page, displays in context (on the database pages)
    • Library is closed, campus emergency, loss of functionality (displays at the top of every page)
    • Resource discovery (slides promoting resources, displays on the RSL homepage, possibly other sites)
  • Events will be tagged in a manner that describes their purpose and what sites they belong on.
  • Events can and will be used across the library sites where appropriate

RSL Site (Research, Study, Learning)

Objective: The RSL site supports the research, study, and learning needs of the Drake community.

  • Library.drake.edu is the RSL site.
  • Content on the RSL site needs to refer to items/events/resources which assist with the research, study, and learning needs of the Drake community.
  • Content that does not relate to the purpose of the RSL site will not go on the RSL site, there will be other sites to house that content.

Primary Navigation

Primary Navigation is task based at the top level with some audience specific below that level.

Objectives and Criteria by Section


Objective: Providing access to resources that support RSL.
  • Should allow a user to obtain a resource whether an actual article/book or as a means to request access to that item.
  • Resource access will be supplemented with tutorials, finding aids, and tools delivered in context, which assist in locating, evaluating and effectively using these resources and in developing information literacy skills.
  • There will be multiple ways to find a database (search, type, alphabetical).
Examples: Catalog, Article Databases, Journal List, SuperSearch, Research Guides, ILL, Reserves, Digital Collections (heritage etc.).

Get Help

Objective: Concentrate services and information unique to various audiences (students, faculty, alumni) that assist in accomplishing RSL tasks.
  • Enable people to make the most advantageous use of our resources.
  • Provide tutorials, finding aids and tools that assist each audience in accomplishing tasks and developing RSL skills appropriate to that audience (e.g. citation guides for students, bibliometrics for faculty, etc.).
Examples: Student Support, Faculty Support, Alumni Support, Tutorials, Citation Guide, Staff Listing (with subject specialty, website etc).

About Us

Objective: Provide basic information about the library hours of operation, physical plant, location, and other information to assist all users who want to access the library in physical space for RSL.
  • Inform patrons how to access physical resources and when they are available.
  • Clearly show where all resources exist.
Examples: Library Hours/ Café Hours, Location (how to get to us), Library Maps, Brief Description, Staff Listing.

Ask a Librarian

Objective: Facilitate direct patron interaction with Library professionals.
  • Information on how to contact or interact with a librarian, or the means through which to interact with them.
Examples: Chat, Text, Email, Phone, In Person, Reference Desk Hours, Chat Hours

Home Page

  • The home page will fit on one standard monitor screen (to be determined by the web developer).
  • The home page will be clear and it will be easy to find every link. The site will aim for minimal clutter and will use appropriate negative space around sections.
  • Must have the following items:
    • Research Tools (4-6 quick links in a small area)
    • Hours (preferably for the next 7 days or at least several)
    • News and Event Listing (brief listing)
    • SuperSearch
    • Address (Physical)
    • Phone#
    • Link to Drake Home Page
    • Link to Heritage Collection (most likely in footer of all pages)
    • site search in footer

Content Ownership
  • This site will comply with Drake policies on content ownership.