This page houses all of the formal decisions of the group and will eventually contain the content of the document we write to guide the design and implementation of the new library site.


Site Purpose

  • is the primary library site.
  • The purpose of the primary library site is to support the research, teaching, and study needs of students and faculty.
  • Content that does not relate to the purpose will not go on the main library site, there will be other sites to house that content.
  • Facility specific information (hours/services) support the primary purpose and hence will be on the site.


  • The main library site will use a task based architecture at the top level.
  • Below the top level we can have some organization with an audience based focus.

Sitewide Navigation

Find Library Materials
Get Help
About Us
Ask a Librarian
Student Support
Library Hours/Cafe Hours
Faculty Support
Staff Listing
Journal List
Alumni Support
Location (how to get to us)
Library Maps
Research Guides
Citation Guide
Brief Description
In Person


Digital Collections? (possiby rename)

Home Page Content/Links

  • Research Tools/Quick Links (around 4 important links such as Research Guides, RefWorks)
  • Hours (preferably for the next 7 days or at least several)
  • News and Event Listing (brief listing, possibly similar to how we do news and events on the home page)
  • SuperSearch
  • Address (physical)
  • Phone #
  • Link to Drake Home Page
  • Link to Heritage Collections

All content below this point exists purely for discussion and was not formally agreed upon:

Potential Criteria and Thoughts

  • All library specific terms need to be defined in clear language on a page (how it is defined is a technical concern, might be a hover, might be something else)
  • News and events that occur in or are related to the library home page will go on the home page
  • Hours will go on the home page
  • We should highlight the tools we are using and want other to use such as libguides (make sure users can get to libguides from the home page (may be through a dropdown))

Potential Top Nav

  • Find Materials (some phrasing to express this task)
  • Ask a Librarian (with all means of contacting one)

Issues to Ponder

  • Where does RefWorks go?
  • Where to put links to heritage/digital collections
  • Objectives and criteria for each section and for the overall site.